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how people have been
blessed by e:

Yesterday, July 11th was my husband mikes 45th birthday. It was a very sad one for him because he lost his dad a few months ago and he wasn’t In his heart to celebrate his birthday this year.  We have five children so I said to myself we have to at least have a cake even if the kids blow out the candles for him. So at the very last minute I decided to go to Marshall’s ice cream (which is our favorite place for birthday cakes).  It was very busy so I was waiting for the cake to be decorated when the manager came out and while handing me the cake told me that the cake was no charge as she handed me Eric’s card. Such emotion came over me because my husband didn’t want a cake because his dad wasn’t here to celebrate with us and here I am receiving a cake from a family that suffered such a great loss. I feel so blessed and honored to be the one that received this gift and it made us feel that my father in law was sending a sign as well to remind us our loved ones memories live on by us living for them. A night that was unplanned became a night surrounded by family where we all gathered to celebrate my husband and to learn of the life and memory of your son. I see he is born on the same day and we will always think of him on this day and the way our lives were touched by him.  Thank you so much and may god bless you all. I will pass on this card and do something as special as what was done for us to someone else. 

- jessica

I received money in memory of Eric Breslau to do an act of kindness. Since the pandemic, I have been making feel better bears baskets and mailing them to people suffering from an illness or who are depressed . I was able to send out 4 baskets because of this donation. So sorry that Eric Breslau has passed away but his life is still bringing joy to people. God bless his whole family with comfort and peace.

- Tanya

Was a rough day, and trying to get my son to eat, convinced him to have Wendys. The person in front of us paid for our meal and left this card. It was a breath of fresh air after being so frustrated, all the stress just faded away at that moment. thank you, looking forward to giving your gift to others.

- Pete


$100 went towards Allison's tattoo, a frontline worker who was blessed by E.

My haircut was paid for by a kind gentleman.

- Bobby

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